A little while ago I bought a hand loom and started making weavings, using some vintage wool that I had collected over the years. I would come home from work and weave for a few hours and found that it was a lovely way to relax and unwind. As I grew more confident I began to experiment with different techniques and styles and soon became completely hooked. I remembered that in school I learnt to weave and was as mesmerised then as I am now with the movement of the yarn going back and forward and the slowly emerging patterns and shapes that the thread creates beneath my hands. 

My weavings are inspired by the natural world; the sea, sky and rolling fields and mountains. I am particularly drawn to the landscapes of West Wales and the Scottish Highlands, places that hold a special magic for me, and where I have spent many happy days. The threads used in my weavings are either second-hand or made from natural materials.

I would love to work with you if you have a particular scene or landscape that you would like me to create for you; or anything else for that matter! I am also now teaching hand loom weaving on an ad hoc basis from my home in South East London should you wish to learn! Please contact me to discuss commissions or weaving lessons at .