Sunday, 22 November 2015

bracken wreath

I am always inspired to do a bit of wreath making at this time of year as we approach Christmas (eek!) Something about a wreath makes my heart happy - they are so ancient and festive. People have been making wreaths for thousands of years, and I can understand why. 

I am rather partial to a messy wreath, and the bracken is so plentiful and beautiful at this time of year that I decided to put it to use. I gathered this from the hedges near mum and dad's house in Wales on the way back from a recent trip to Pembrokeshire. 

It happens to make excellent wreath fodder as its stems are malleable and strong so they don't snap as you're bending them, although the fronds are fragile so need gentle handling. 

I wanted the wreath to look quite organic so I used strong wire to make the frame so that it wouldn't be a perfect circle, although I have used the ready-made wreath rings before and they work very well too. I also used a bit of florist wire just to keep everything secure. 

Dried hydrangea heads provide volume and structure, and a bit of colour. These tawny green ones came from the garden in Pembrokeshire and are so lovely I keep wanting to take pictures of them. 

My wreath making session took place one evening after work!

It's very easy to make the circle although it does hurt your hands a bit. I did three rounds of wire for strength. 

When I was happy with the frame, I started tying/twisting on the bracken, tucking it in between the wire and bending it into the shape I wanted. 

Excuse my yellow hands - turmeric not nicotine stained I promise!

I kept going until the whole ring was covered and it felt secure. I tried to follow the natural curve of the bracken if that makes any sense at all.

And voila! One wreath. 

And here it is on our front door, where it has been getting a bit of a battering in the wind (and attaching itself to people as they go in and out). 


  1. That looks fabulous - seeing that end result certainly motivates me to get back into being creative - for me its something which comes in phases! By the way, I discovered your blog after browing through blogland yesterday and love it - even seeing pictures of your kitchen finally persuaded my husband to come around to patterned kitchen floor tiles!! It's great that you have been able to sort your house out so quickly, we moved into our place in Tunbridge Wells in 2012 and progress is still very slow!! We really would recommend a visit to Down House though - its English Heritage's best property in our view. Can't wait for more on the blog front...!!

    1. Hi Freya, thank you so much for your comment - it's so lovely to hear that you've been enjoying reading my blog! I agree - it definitely comes in phases for me too and when you get the urge you've just got to go with it as you don't know when it will next strike! We ummed and aahhed about the floor tiles for ages but went for them the end and I'm really glad we did. They get lots of compliments and they are excellent for not showing dirt/cat hair! Good luck with your renovation, it's a slow process but it will be worth it in the end! Have you got lots left to do? I'm not aware of blogland(!) - what is it? Will definitely be making a trip to Down House as soon as we get a free weekend! Mary x